Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Repeat Customers

Monday evening once again found me wishfully thinking that maybe no one would show up for my class and I could go home and get some sleep. I didn't fall asleep til nearly 3 am on Sunday night, so yesterday I was just beat.


2 people showed up. One, a repeat from last week.

A repeat! She came back for more! She liked my class enough last week to come back! We actually spent a while after class bonding and talking about how far she should push herself each week to make sure she can walk the next day.

The other girl is the most badass regular I know. I've taken a few classes with her (ok more than a few) and in every class, whatever move we're doing, she's in the back making it harder. She ALWAYS pushes herself, which I love. She usually takes the 5:30 class, but last night she skipped that one so she could come to mine instead! If it wouldn't have been awkward (and gross, I was pretty sweaty at that point), I would have hugged her!

Anyway, it was a fun class, even with just the 3 of us. This is what we ended up doing:

Circuit 1: 
Upper body: Bicep curls
Lower body: Dumbbell side lunge
Combo: curl as you come up out of lunge
Balance: Side leg lift & hold w/resistance band
repeat for other side

Circuit 2: 
All w/balance ball and body bar!
Upper body: Shoulder raises (straight out in front)
Lower body: Squats
Combo: Squats w/shoulder raises (keep arms up whole time)
Balance: Tree pose (no balance ball)

Circuit 3: 
Upper body: Tricep extensions
Lower body: keeping stable foot in the same place, lunge forward, side, back, then squat. repeat.
Combo: Raise arms as you come out of squats
Balance: Twist & touch


Superman plank 60 seconds on balance ball
Medicine ball ab twist
Russian Twists

Each of those circuits we went through 3 times: 8 reps first, then 16, then 24. It sucked. I'm not sure I love this format, but you gotta keep pushing buttons to know what works, right?

The really funny thing is when we got done with the last set and started to put stuff away to do abs, the girl who came last week was like "wait...aren't we going to do that really goofy thing that hurt but works?" I said, "You mean the alligator?" "Yeah!" So I gave her a surprised look and said sure, why not! So we did the alligator. That might be my signature move, who knows. :-P

In other news, have I mentioned how excited I am for this coming weekend? My folks are coming into town, and they're BOTH going to come to my spin class on Saturday morning! Even my dad!

(You thought I was done with the gratuitous wedding pictures, didn't you? You haven't even seen me in a dress yet!)
Naturally, my mom, resident badass, will also be there.
Stay tuned for the weekend recap.

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  1. I love that both people specifically chose to come to YOUR class.

    I may have to try out this alligator more.