Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday and Such

No big news, just checking in. I taught this morning, it was fun. I did a "block reverse pyramid" profile that someone had suggested on Basically it looks like this:

4 minutes seated climb 4 minutes standing climb 4 minutes alternating seated and standing, every 30 seconds 4 minutes rider's choice hill
4 minutes seated climb 4 minutes standing climb 4 minutes alternating seated and standing, every 15 seconds
4 minutes seated climb 4 minutes standing climb
The first set of blocks I had them on a moderate (6 or 7 out of 10) hill. Second a little heavier (7 or 8) and third the heaviest they thought they could sustain for 4 minutes in each position. Halfway through I had them check to make sure they were on a heavy/light enough hill and adjust accordingly if not. Between blocks I gave them 1-2 minutes of rest, depending on how haggard they were looking. :-) The playlist was pretty good too, but I don't have my ipod plugged in and I'm too lazy to find the cord right now. I'll post it tomorrow.

Yup, lazy.

Tomorrow is my first Strength class. I'm not sure that any of the members know it's happening, so I'm not sure I'm going to have anyone show up. We'll see. I'll post the workout I'm doing tomorrow, tomorrow. I have every intention of going to Deb's class before teaching mine too, so there's just no way I can fail...right?

Click that picture. Do it.

On a related note, hubs and I saw Top Gun on the big screen on Thursday night...for free! Our local gimmicky theater is playing 25 year old movies every Thursday, and that was the first one. October's lineup is older than that, but it's got some goodies...The Shining, Exorcist, etc. But I digress. They've basically hooked up a Blu-Ray player to the big screen and might not have filled the staff in on how to use it. So for the first 5 minutes of the movie, it was Top Gun Karaoke since the words were displayed at the bottom of the screen...complete with the intro "Kenny Loggins singing:" It was magical.

This is fun:

Anyway, I should get back to that lab report I've been avoiding. Nick's taking the paint off the window I'm looking out, which has been distracting and comical, but he's almost done so...I guess I have no more excuses.


  1. FACT ...... I'd die in your class, I managed 27 minutes today on the turbo trainer with Keith from iTrain, I'm working on getting my ass off the seat for more than 10 seconds ;-)

  2. Strength class!!! I can't wait to hear about it!

    And I'm with BabyWilt. Your class would slay me.