Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Change of Plans

Change of plans for tonight. I'm going to use one of my Strength playlists because it's a constant 128 bpm throughout the whole 60 minutes. We'll warm up for 5 minutes, then get down to business. The cadence will stay the same throughout the whole workout, but the intensity will change. Each block will have 5 parts:

ComfortablePushing itUncomfortableAs Heavy as PossibleRecovery

The numbers are the number of minutes for each part of each block. Now that I'm looking at it, that adds up to 48 minutes, which is too long. Maybe I'll take out the Comfortable part and make it look like this instead:

Pushing it Uncomfortable As Heavy as Possible Recovery
4 3 2 2
2 4 3 2
3 2 4 2
That's 33 minutes, plus 10 minutes of warmup/cooldown and the inevitable 5 minutes that gets spent on transitioning from one class to the next, I think this'll do. I wish I could teach 60 minute classes. Maybe I'll see if they're up for a 60 minute class instead.

In other news, I forgot to mention...I went and told the local CrossFit gym I'd show up for a free WOD on Friday morning. I won't lie, I'm nervous about it. Excited, but nervous. Mostly because I'm afraid I'll get hooked and won't have the time or money to spend on it right now. Anyone out there tried CrossFit? Thoughts?


  1. Crossfit, can't wait for your report back - I'm guessing you'll get hooked :-)

  2. My friends are doing crossfit right now. They drank the koolaid and LOVE it. They're both getting a lot stronger.