Thursday, September 8, 2011

Biology, Physics, a Classy Boat, and Girl Scouts

So I got my LabPaqs in the mail. The biology one is not screwing around.
Those beads are the "chromosome kit". There are razor blades under the scissors in the leather thingy. I also have a microscope (not pictured) that I spent a good half hour yelling at Nick to fix so I could "see science". Sometimes, I'm 5.
That skull and crossbones means death. Death, people!
And then there's my physics kit. This week's lab involves a straw and a protractor, to  estimate the height of a building using right triangles. I feel like I'm girl scouts again, but paying $1200 for my tryit.
Finally, this classymobile has been up for sale on my way to work for a few weeks now. It just screams "drink cheap beer and have people passed out with sharpie on their faces laying all over me!" to me. It's $800. I feel like the memories would make the ROI pretty quick, but the hangovers might last longer than I'd want. But seriously, if I were in college, this would be on top of my car right now.


  1. Are you sure the first kit isn't some fancy murder kit? Razor blades?

  2. Dexter in the making possibly????