Monday, October 31, 2011


NOTE: I started this post on Saturday, got as far as adding 2 lines of text and 3 pictures, then lost power. Bear with me.

Saturday: This morning it was raw and cold and cloudy...the precursor of the snow that's falling outside my window right now. Sigh.

But this morning's sort of washed away 99% of those nagging doubts I was having earlier this week. My favorite rider came this morning, and we spent a good half an hour after class talking.

Monday: The zombie ride was fun. The members had fun, I had fun, and everyone left happy.

I also spoke with one of the group ex managers here today, and got the low down on my evening turns out it's not me, it's everyone else. I guess this gym is very much a morning gym, and the evenings are nearly always dead. So by 6:30, the place is a ghost town, and I'm Venkman.


So there's that.

Also, I've made a command decision. I'm aiming to take the ASCM personal trainer certification exam at the end of December, to be a personal trainer by January. I'm also going to aim to take the AFAA/ACE group ex exam around then too, since it's the same basic info but less of it. So watch out world, I'm about to get certified!


  1. You ROCK. Sorry I was at a lack of words to your last post but didn't know how to say "there must be a logical explanation for chaps walking out etc". Really admire what you do.

  2. Can I be Egon?

    I am so stoked that you're going to get certified. That's going to be RAD.

  3. Great! Will you train at the gym or own your own? I have ACE Group Fitness and Madd Dogg Spinning and debate personal training also...