Monday, October 3, 2011

Saturday Spin

Saturday morning was finally The dad came to spin class, and as far as I'm told, he enjoyed it! Yay! I did a modified (read: longer) version of the princess ride, this time with a troll bridge (complete with riddles) and a patch of enchanted mud that got deeper every time that Duck Sauce song said "Barbara Streisand". Good times.

Tha's ma daddy. :-)

After that, we got brunch, then went to the local airport, where some WWII planes were there for poking around. Then we got lunch. Then we got ice cream. Then we had dinner. Lotta food on Saturday. :-)

The planes were very cramped inside.
Very cramped. That's my gorgeous momma. :-D

Anyway, I'm off to screw around until class time tonight. I don't think I'm going to double up on strength classes knee's been bugging me and Deb's classes tend to be really jumpy so I'm going to lay off it and see if that doesn't help some.


  1. I feel claustraphobic just looking at these pictures!

    I'm glad your dad enjoyed the class, though!

  2. YAY for dad enjoying your class - he must be a fit guy.
    Like the new blog look, nice :-)