Monday, October 31, 2011

Howdy from the Gym

So this is what NH looks like right now:
The colors go from yellow to red highest to lowest...number of people who still have power. Without getting too specific, suffice it to say, I live in a red zone. I also work in a red zone. The gym is in a light orange zone, and right next to the airport, so they have power. So that's where I am right now. At the gym, chillin' and mooching off the wifi. w00t.
This has been hanging out over our street for 2 days as well:
Except now it's low enough to scrape my car's roof. Not that I've tried, but I can speculate. Frightening.

In related news, I spent a couple hours at the mall this morning and splurged on a pair of super comfy "roll down lounge pants".  Maybe it's just because I'm retaining water, but I feel like the label should have said "now with 20% more jiggle!" Seriously, I've never had a pair of pants make me feel fatter...and these aren't even tight! Go figure.

I'm wondering how tonight's class is going to go...I figure it's either going to be completely empty or completely packed. I'm obviously hoping for the latter, but I'm not sure. We'll see. Leanne asked me to sub her class tomorrow night (I subbed her Wednesday night class last week, you may recall), so I guess none of her regulars called her to tell her how awful I was or anything. So that's good. I'll bring my Jillian DVDs with me to the gym tomorrow to come up with a new class. Tonight, I'm using the same workout I did last week, but with another 2 sets of stuff. Or maybe I'll just go through everything twice. Or maybe I'll tell everyone we're having an imagination class, turn out the lights, lay down on my mat, and guide them through a walk on the beach. Who knows.

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  1. The only thing I really like about when the power goes out is how QUIET everything is at night. You don't notice the low hum of all the electronics until it's gone.