Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Staff Meeting and Whatnot

So my new Monday night class is still pretty slow, and I'd like to blame it on lack of advertising rather than personality flaws and/or funky odor of the instructor. To that end, I'm going to ask my manager if I can put a couple of flyers up in the entrance to advertise that on Halloween (which, conveniently, falls on a Monday) folks are encouraged to come dressed up. Most of the towns around here do the candy part of Halloween on the Saturday before, so I'm hoping folks will actually show up for this.

However, the only clever thing I've thought to put on it is "Exercise the Demons".  I'm a freaking riot.

So any slogans (bearing in mind that this is a relatively conservative gym), pictures, etc that you guys might have...send em over!

Actually, this one might work. Maybe. Is religious wordplay still offensive if it's not referring to anything the clergy did or didn't do?

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