Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Strength

I'm not sure who's coming tonight, but it's COLD today, so hopefully there'll be more than just me and Deb in there this week. Here's the list of stuff I'm hoping to work into some kind of reasonable order to do tonight:

Plank with row
Hollow man with scissors
Figure 4 bridge
Side plank dynamic
Side plank leg lift
Inner thigh lift
Donkey kicks
Fire hydrant with kicks
Surrender - hold weights above head, step back, onto knees, step back up. Alternate legs
Static lunge w/triceps presses
Chair squat w/triceps presses
Plank twists
Plank side taps
Windshield washers
Up/up down/down planks
Plie squat jumps
Pike crunch
Dumbbell cleans

Lotta mat work tonight.

I won't lie, I'm still a little sore about how last week's staff meeting went down, but I won't get into it here. Grumble grumble bygones.

This weekend was productive to the nth degree. We replaced ALL the siding on the backyard side of the house, which was no trivial task. Here's the before picture:

The color on the left is the new color. Notice all the vertical siding (seriously, who does that??) and rotted boards. Super fun.
Got to the bathroom window and the trim was attached to the siding. Went to remove the trim and took THE WHOLE WINDOW OUT OF THE WALL. My bad. Turns out it was nailed into the trim as well. Special.
A better look at some of the rot. It turned out there was a lot of rotted sheathing under the rotted siding, so hubs ended up having to do a lot more prep work than anticipated, which wasn't fun on Friday night.
All the siding off (95% of it removed by yours truly!), waiting for rot repairs.
My awesome husband working his butt off the night before our "replace our siding" party to get things ready.
Who needs blinds with a view like this??
They decided windows are overrated, so they just covered them up. Yeah yeah, it's upside down. :-P
DONE!! I couldn't believe they got the whole side done in one day! My friend and I went out to get our hair did, and when we came back they had maybe 3 more rows to do! Amazing!
Before and after. I'll be painting it this coming weekend (fingers crossed we won't get snow before then...ugh). 

How was your weekend??

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  1. The outside of our house is stucco, and I prefer the panel look SO much more. it looks great!