Sunday, January 15, 2012

First Day of School

Or something like that. I went out and got myself black pants and a long sleeve black shirt today, to wear while interning for PT. Of all the workout clothes I own, I have exactly one pair of black pants (the rest are capris, and even that one pair I use mostly for pajamas) and exactly zero long sleeve black shirts. So that's fixed, which is good.

 I know you guys have been dying to see pics of both me and my completely trashed sewing room (yes, I sew) so here:

 It's still cool to wear tags on stuff, right?
There's no picture in the world that a little duck face can't make worse.

Huh what?


I also took a couple of online Spin CEU classes and am now 2 points shy of being a Star Level 3 instructor. Woo go me, right? Right. I have one more class to take, then an exam, then I get a new id card and a patch and...a towel maybe? I'm not sure. After getting 40 CEU credits in 2 years, you become a lifetime spin instructor, so I won't have to get recertified every 2 years. I guess that makes me spimmortal? No? I crack myself up guys.

So last week I managed to go to 2 classes a day for 3 days in a row, then totally buggered out Thursday and Friday, Saturday I taught spin and today I've been sitting on my butt. This coming week I'm hoping to find some kind of workout that'll convince me to make the gym part of my Thursday/Friday routines. Well, Thursday anyway. Friday's workout is going to be mostly for one finger on each hand and all the muscles in my face that it takes to rage drive down to MD to see my best good friend, Mr. James Brown. (No seriously, that's his name.) I'm told we'll be climbing at some point on Saturday, then Sunday will be the reverse rage drive to get home. I'm pretty excited. I think it's been a year or more since I last saw him, and he very nearly just left me for the wrong coast recently.

All that to say, what's your workout plan this week? I wish I could convince myself to work out at home, but everything is so messy right now (see pics above) with our attempt at decluttering (go figure - getting the mess out of our lives actually makes it messier) that every time I try, I end up cleaning for 4 hours instead. And by "cleaning" I mean "making it worse". Any tips on staying motivated at home?

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  1. So, I thought today was my long bike ride, but it's tomorrow. Which means that tomorrow I'm planning on tooling around on my bike via your instructions, playing with one foot and pulling and using different muscles and crap. I'm assuming it will be awful and informative.

    Right now I am waiting for my stupid garmin to charge, because apparently it won't function with 25% battery remaining. What is the point of that battery power if I can't use it???