Monday, January 16, 2012

Sprints - Why, God, Why?

Went to Deb's classes again tonight. Definitely my abs are not going to be letting me stand up straight tomorrow, but for tonight...let's talk about how I haven't done an honest to goodness sprint in probably months, possibly even several years. Like, full out, trying to beat the person next to me, asthma-inducing sprint. Tonight, Deb had us finish with sprints. If I hadn't already been super late coming home (hubs even called, I was so late...oops), I would have gone to the track to get in a round of Tabatas before heading home. I maybe should have just sucked it up and done them (I mean, it's 4 minutes, come on), but I didn't. I'd like to say I'll do them tomorrow, but I won't. Why? Because....

I got a new toy which demands immediate use. I'm loading them up with music tonight and trying them out in the pool tomorrow. Has anyone else tried these? They got reasonably good reviews on Amazon, so I'm hopeful. I don't have any real plan for the pool, but I'm going to try and get there before work to get in some easy cardio. No speed work, nothing too intense, just moving around and getting a short (30-45 minutes? Maybe my attention span can handle that with music...) workout in before work. I'm teaching strength tomorrow night as well and may go to pilates afterward to wind down. Or I may stay for kickboxing, it depends on how work goes.

I think I haven't really fully been channeling work stress into workouts as efficiently as I could be. I think I need to do a better job of bottling it up during the day (ie, not complaining so much out loud), then tearing it up at night once I have some equipment to abuse. Today I was the only one at work, so I had no outlet until FIT...guess what? I got more out of FIT tonight than I have in a while. So that's what's going to happen - less out loud complaining and more efficient workout therapy.


Moving on.

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