Thursday, January 12, 2012

Long Term Relationships

So the meeting with Joe went as expected - I'm now officially a spring intern at EHSC and I start Monday morning at 7. It's just observational hours, which is great by me. Since I haven't figured out where life is taking me in a few months, it's only fair that it's just observation for now.

That said, the conversation got me to thinking about the ramifications of becoming a personal trainer.

If I've gleaned anything (aside from how to take great butt pics) from Rose, it's that the relationship between a client and a personal trainer can have a level of intimacy not found in other settings. Most friends never see us pushing ourselves to our limits - trainers see that nearly exclusively. There's a level of trust in that relationship that's built both rapidly and organically, that doesn't necessarily exist elsewhere. In order to have a productive client/trainer relationship, the client needs to trust that the trainer knows what he/she's talking about and the trainer needs to trust that the client is both challenging him/herself and knowing when to say enough is enough. If the client is like me, the workout also becomes therapy, and the trainer needs to allow for that as well.

All this to say that once again I've managed to choose a life path that's got a lot of personal growth potential.

I'm excited to learn to play that role in someone's life. Both forms of PT (personal training and physical therapy) put me in a role of, the person who shoves you when you're on a bike with training wheels.

It's both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.

Anyway, I should probably do this whole studying thing. The usual.

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  1. Based on our conversations, and advice you've given me (that I have yet to take), you're going to be an awesome trainer.