Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Taking it out on the bike

The thing I love most about Spin is that no matter how completely awful of a day it's been, there's simply never been a bad ride for me. There have certainly been mediocre ones, but a truly bad ride? Nah.

So yesterday's work day ended with my attitude something along these lines:

That should explain why last night's playlist was a little heavier than usual:

All Along The Watchtower - Original Soundtrack Battlestar Galactica
Help I'm Alive  -  Metric
I'm Shipping Up To Boston  -  Dropkick Murphys
The Beautiful People  -  Marilyn Manson
This Is How A Heart Breaks  -  Rob Thomas
Little Lion Man  -  Mumford & Sons
You're Gonna Gonna Go Far Kid  -  The Offspring
Ballroom Blitz  -  Misfits
No More Gas  -  DJ Earworm
Faster Kill Pussycat  -  Paul Oakenfold ft Brittany Murphy
Planetary (GO!)  -  My Chemical Romance
The Death and Resurrection Show  -  Killing Joke
Starry Eyed (Minnesota Remix)  -  Ellie Goulding
Soul Meets Body  -  Death Cab For Cutie

Since there were quite a few newbies in class, I tried to keep the movements slow, minus some jumps during the Rob Thomas song. Everything else was hills with pickups. During I'm Shipping Up to Boston and You're Gonna Go Far Kid, I had us running with resistance (position 2, standing, upper end of the climb range (80ish rpm), with moderate resistance), then during the choruses we'd lean over into a standing climb (position 3) and take off (pick up the cadence a bunch). I enjoyed it, and everyone was chattering afterward, so I think that means everyone was happy at the end of class...right? :-) 

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  1. absolutely they all loved it ... so, um - no one crumbled into a heap on the floor then? :-)