Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Word of the Day Wednesday

Today's word is hostile.

For some reason (maybe it's the reddit blackout, I dunno), everyone seems SUPER angry today. Normally I would be joining in on the fuss, but lately I've somehow managed to master the fine art of apathetic integrity. (Translation: I'll work hard to do what I need to get done, but I'm done getting all angsty about things beyond my control that prevent me from doing my job.)

So to that end, tonight's mix is a little grunge rocky, a little poppy, and totally fun.

Dog Days Are Over - Florence + The Machine
Natural Blues  -  Moby
La Grange  -  ZZ Top
Mondo '77  -  Film Dialogue
Dressed To Kill  -  A New Found Glory
We Found Love -  (feat. Calvin Harris) Rihanna
Leave It All Behind (UK Radio Edit)- September
Howlin' For You  -  The Black Keys
My Hero  -  Foo Fighters
* Plowed  -  Sponge
Are You Gonna Be My Girl  -  JET
Tobacco Island -  Flogging Molly
Dance, Dance  -  Fall Out Boy
Blackout  -  Breathe Carolina
(If You Are Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To  -  Weezer
Sexy & I Know It - (SR) LMFAO
If I Had You  -   Lambert
Papi (www.DenFlow.Net)  -  Jennifer Lopez
Machinehead  -  Bush
Walk  -  Foo Fighters
Here's To The Night  -  Eve 6
Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand  -  Primitive Radio Gods
Mad World  -  Donnie Darko

*ride starts here

The profile is simple...we're going up a hill. A really big one. I may even bring in some markers to draw on the mirror, but it's going to look vaguely like this:

4 segments of high resistance with 3 segments of "pedal fast to get your momentum up" resistance. The 3 shallow parts will be recovery for newbies and "less hard" for the vets. The hard parts will be the same number of minutes as the level of awful - so the first part will be 6 minutes long, etc. The easy parts will be 2 minutes each. Total working part of the ride is therefore 36 minutes - practically a gimme ride, right? :-) I'll throw in some pickups and gear ups as we go too, I'm sure.

A little explanation on why this playlist is longer than usual, with a few more "mild" songs preloaded to the front...

We got new bikes!! Last Friday, every bike in the EHSC network got upgraded to one of these beauties:

I'm expecting to spend a while helping folks verify setups, so I'm going to have music playing while I run around and do that, but officially start class at 7 instead of 6:45 like usual. It'll go until 7:45 though, to make sure we all get our workout in.

And sorry to cut this short, but the pup needs her shots before I can run off and hang out with my best good friend this weekend, so I'm off to be a responsible pet owner. w00t.

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