Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Resohlookitthekitty

So I had about 4 different "cheers to the old, in with the new" posts started, all of which wound up outdated 5 minutes after I saw something shiny and started following it. Now I'm at work (on lunch, don't worry) so there are fewer shiny things and several things I'm avoiding...so here we are.

Saturday's ride was super fun. There were about 8 of us total, and I did NOT drop the headset into The Void again. Thank god. I had a ride planned that was one part improvise, one part Rose's countdown idea. For the first 15 minutes of the ride, we just played along with the songs...so like during Shout, we added resistance while he was getting softer, slowing our feet down and whatnot, then stopped adding but picked the cadence up until we were sprinting by the end. Then took a 100 second break to start the countdown, which was blocks of 100 seconds, starting with 100 easy, then 10 hard, 90 easy, and so on.

Did you know that a 60 second minute is not easily manipulated into 100 second splits? Even less so when it's 100 seconds, broken down into inconsistent parts?

Seriously, I can barely remember my name by the end of a workout. This was nearly impossible.

That said, I made it work and had them count down the last 10 seconds of the last interval with me, which was also fun. Overall, it was just a good class.

The playlist was all party favorites:

Celebration - Kool & the Gang
C & C Music Factory - Gonna Make You
Play That Funky Music
Shout  -  The Isley Brothers
La Bamba  -  Ritchie Valens
I Will Survive  -  The Hit Crew
Walking On Broken Glass  -  Annie Lennox
Macarena  -  Los Del Rio
Barbie Girl  -  Aqua
Mickey  -  The Hit Crew
Tubthumping   -  Chumbawamba
Auld Lang Syne  -  Girlschool
Snowflakes  -  White Apple Tree

Good times, good times. 

Tonight is the first Strength class of the year, so I'm bracing myself for a crowd. Going to keep the equipment to a minimum, in case there really are a ton of resolutionaries, which means body weight training! Hooah! I may actually come up with a plan this week, but most likely not. This whole "winging it" thing has been working for me the past couple of weeks, so as long as I can keep rotating new stuff in, I'm all set. 

Speaking of rotating new stuff in, I have a few more DVDs on order that I'm excited about. I really need to start making Thursdays DVD days like I said I was going to forever ago. I wonder if anyone at work would be interested in DVDing it up in a conference room before/after work. Hm. 

How was your new year? Any resolutions? This year, I want to focus on eating cheaper...which means eating out less. Which hopefully means eating healthier as well. Last night we had pulled pork tacos, which was pretty great. I have more for lunch today, even though tacos are not desk-friendly fare. 

Who knows, maybe at some point this year my writing will improve as well. Maybe. No promises. 


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  2. (let me try again!)
    bwah-ha-ha-haaaaa my boys were nearly called Calvin but I chickened out both times, didn't want them living up to the namesake ;-)

  3. The count down workout you ended up doing sounds super hard. What an awesome way to end the year.

    Have fun with the noobs tonight. I hope most of them stick with it and make a life change.

    My new years was fun. More sober than I expected, but that worked out in my favor. No resolutions, since I suck at sticking to anything.