Monday, January 16, 2012

One of the In Crowd

I don't know why it's still so strange when people recognize me, but for some reason I'm always caught off guard by it.

This morning when I was waiting for something (it was early, I don't remember what it was, but it definitely wasn't coffee) someone came in and, on introduction, said "oh I know who she is, I've taken her classes a few times." Maybe I just have some serious inferiority complex or something, but in my mind I still feel like the new kid who's trying to make a name for herself and I'm always shocked when someone recognizes me - even more so when it's accompanied by positive response. Somehow, at some point in the last year or so, I've apparently managed to make a name for myself, without even realizing what I was doing.


This, of course, has had the unfortunate side effect of making me finally open my eyes and realize what a home I've made for myself here. I think for the last 5 years I've been doing what I always do - treating "here" (New England in general really) as a sort of pit stop, not a home. Blame it on the military upbringing - it's what's comfortable to me I guess. I invest only to a point, then don't go any deeper as a means of self-preservation. It's a little like being at the beach and knowing you both desperately want to swim but also have to drive home and have no change of clothes. You hike your pants up (or if you're really sassy, I guess you just take them off and hope you're wearing fun underwear) and wade on in, but only up to the point where stuff starts getting wet. Because the wetter you get, the longer it takes to dry, and the more cold and clammy you'll feel on the drive home.  I think maybe it's time for me to start nutting up and jumping in, then dealing with the drive home when it comes. Because you'll never get to swim with sea turtles if you only wade in up to your shorts, right?

Anyway. Suffice it to say, I've loved every minute of working at EHSC and IF we end up leaving the area, it's going to break my heart to have to tell everyone goodbye. IF. (Dear FPU, could you please accept me and give me lots of money to come to your school? That'd be super rad. Also, put a rush on that because I'm impatient and March is like forever from now. Thanks, me.)

In other, completely unrelated news, it's been brought to my attention that, in spite of trying to focus on upper body stuff in Tuesday night strength, I'm becoming a weakling. This is super no bueno, since I'll be running both Tough Mudder New England runs this year and what I remember most from last year is feeling everything above my navel giving out on me, repeatedly. To that end, I'm starting over on the 100 pushups challenge and would love it if someone else out there would join me. I'm not even sure I'm at the week 1 level yet...definitely not on my feet (instead of knees) anyway. Just more proof that I need to stop being scared of the weights area and start making that part of my rotation I guess. Sigh.

Still my favorite zombie movie of all time. I can't wait to see Woody in Hunger Games. Anyone else read that trilogy yet? I can lend it via Nook if anyone's interested. Let me know.

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  1. Well, shit. If I can't commit to flying out for the TM I can at least do push ups with you, right?

    Not today. I slept funny and my neck hurts (the joys of getting old? wtf? when I was a kid I could sleep curled up in a trash can and wake up feeling fine. This is stupid).