Thursday, May 12, 2011

FIT, More Pics, and Working out in high heels

Just got to work after my first training session with Sharon, who's teaching me the ins and outs of FIT/Strength class instruction.  I had no idea it would really be like marching band with weights!  Guess I'd better shed this "white girl got no rhythm" image of mine, and fast, if I want to keep up with this.  Eep. I'm super pumped to check out and their affiliate though. Maybe I'll have a review up on that shortly.

First though, pictures.

Yesterday was another damage control day, so I did my pushups in the morning with Nick and then dips in the conference room (not the full round though...still couldn't do them with good form so I bailed rather than attempt injury).  No situps though because I'm lame. Literally, I can't walk straight.

Set 1 10
Set 2 12
Set 3 9
Set 4 9
Set le max 13

Yes, those are heels I'm wearing. This is proof that, on occasion, I can get gussied up if the moment is right. Today, the moment is not right. Yesterday, the moment was.
 Good form, even in fancy clothes. No excuses, guys.
This was sad little me, waiting for Sharon to arrive this morning.  Ok, I actually wasn't sad at all. I just felt a little dwarfed by the room.
 Zoomed in.
 We have lots of equipment.  LOTS. This is only half of one studio.
Yay weights. They smell like weights, look like weights, and hurt like weights. Must be weights.
On to more epic things, the professional pictures from Tough Mudder are back!  I'm a little annoyed that I had to sift through 20k+ pictures to find even these few of myself, but whatevs...they caught me jumping off the plank, which is really all I wanted.

 Oh right, that girl and her ankle.
So what happened here is one of these guys (I think the one in blue shorts) came barreling around the corner and WIPED HER OUT.  Like, flat on her face, wiped out. So they took over and helped her to the finish while Julie and I tackled the wires on our own.
I'm not crying, I had a massive brain freeze from the icy water. Ouch.

And now...the plank!!
No turning back now...
Scream started here (note open mouth).
Continued, but you can't see my mouth.  You can finally see Julie though, who, because she was gracious enough to hold my hand on this one, ended up being blocked by my massive pinkness.
Mouth still open, scream still happening.
Landing gear down, still screaming.
COLD! Quick gasp before we went under!

And that's it. There's at least one more floating around of me with my bear face on, coming out from under the barbed wire, but I have to find it again.

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  1. Those plank jumping pictures are awesome! Did you get any water up your nose?