Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday's stink

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I have a long-standing beef with Tuesdays.  Generally speaking, they're the worst day of the week.  How do I figure?  It goes like this:

Mondays are Mondays. You know you'll be dragging, and invariably work is torture after the wonder of the weekend. However, you expect Mondays to be bad, so you mentally prepare for it.

Wednesdays are hump day...halfway to the weekend baby, yeah!

Thursdays you can see the weekend.  They're blah and usually I end up working late, but generally they're actually the most productive days for me.

Fridays just rock.

Saturday and Sunday are the weekend, so they're ok too.

Tuesday though.


It's like a repeat of Monday, but you just never see it coming.  Tuesday is the day you wake up and think "well, at least it's not Monday anymore!"  And then you promptly realize you're at the gym, all ready to get your sweat on, but have no clean underwear to wear to work.


Yes, folks, that's how my day started.  Well, it really started with cleaning up Shelby (the possessed cat)'s puke dribbling down the side of hub's desk.  Wonderful. I have little to no love for that demon-possessed shedding puke machine, but that's another post.

So I get to the gym, all ready to go learn me some bootcamp, and I dig through my bag to set out my clean clothes for after my shower.  Somehow, the 19 or so pairs of underwear I normally have in there have disappeared.  Poof!  So I decide to go to Target on my way to work (pulling a Rose).  After the workout, I decided it'd be easier to just use the showers at work than shower at the gym, go commando to Target, and have to change once I was at work.

Oh Tuesday, you saucy wench.

So I went on my merry way and, after 20 or so minutes of frustration trying to explain to the cashier that $19 is more than the $15 advertised for the 5 I grabbed, I finally made it to work.

Where the shower looked like this:

Not this.
Drip drip drip.

Thanks to Target, I was already late for work, so I said screw it, wiped down a few key parts, and hosed myself with body spray.

So now I smell like death warmed over, I'm grumpy as hell, but hey...I at least got workout #1 out of the way...right?

Grump grump grump.

On another note, I took some big steps forward last night, in terms of personal goals, that have me pretty stoked about the next couple of years or so.  Good things to come, good things.

How about you?

What are you doing that you're excited about? 

What's your least favorite day of the week and why? 


  1. If my job had a shower it would be a life changer. I live 4 miles from work, so I could job to work and jog home. Oh man, it would be awesome.

    I'm sorry your work shower sucked this morning, though. I hate sitting around in my own gym filth.

    I am excited about: the cool stuff I have done to my front garden area.

    Least favorite day: I think you make a pretty good argument for Tuesday.

  2. Very excited about all the things growing in my new veggie garden - squeals of delight to see little green things popping their heads out :-)

    Least fav day has to be Tuesday as well, you have a good argument but my reason is just because I get to do FAR to many trips to and from school!!!