Monday, May 16, 2011

This Week

Here are all my excuses for why I don't want to work out this week (let alone today):

  • It's rainy and 49 degrees out.  Hi May, I'm pretty sure you're an honorary summer month so let's get with the program, huh? 
  • It's supposed to top out at 61 this week, and rain every. single. day. 
  • I'm starting hospital volunteer hours this week, Monday and Wednesday after work...that's when they had available. Figures those are my two key workout days.
  • Wednesday and Friday mornings are taken up with trips to the hospital to prove I don't have TB...don't worry, they require that to volunteer.  I don't have TB. I hope. 
  • It's really just gross out. 
  • With Monday and Wednesday night out of the question, Thursday is the only spin class I can definitely make it to this week (and for the next few weeks). Tuesday I might be able to make it to if I don't need to go to another strength class for an observational beatdown. 

Ok, mostly it's just the weather that's making me want to curl up with a blanket and a book and junk food. And the warped schedule. So to combat those excuses, here's the plan of attack: 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
PM: DVD of some kind after hospital
8:15 AM: FIT (training)
5:30 PM: Spin/Strength
6:30 PM: Pilates
8:00 PM: Biggest Loser
treadmill run/walk
AM: Maybe a workout? DVD?
PM: DVD of some kind after hospital
5:30 PM: Spin AM: Workout DVD?
the house
for guests!
Pirates 4 TBD - maybe a solo spin or something

I have an old friend coming into town this weekend to see POTC 4 (yes, that's a legit reason to drive 4 hours), so workouts from Friday to Sunday may be suspended or modified. I think screaming at the top of my lungs and jumping up and down when Jack Sparrow makes his screen debut should count as a workout, but that's just me.

Next week should be a little better, though next weekEND is Memorial Day and who knows what that'll bring. At the very least,

In other news, I did my dips and squats, and I have proof.
 Holy bajezus this is an unflattering picture. I've never thought my feet looked like clown feet and my elbows were ugly before, but this picture proved I should.
 Geesh.  This shirt is supposed to be my "sexy work" shirt.  I swear it looks better from the front!
 The camera was still on time delay, taking 5 pictures, so I modeled it out. The other 3 were worse than this, if you can believe it. Not a good picture day.
 Squats! Not sure what I'm looking at.
Look, ma! No head!

Ummm so yeah. Not going to take more work pictures until I don't look so...muffin-toppy. Sheesh. Maybe tomorrow I'll check the mirror on the way out the door.


  1. Crappy weather makes me not want to work out, either.

    It's overcast here, and it makes me want a nap. But, I really need to mow the back lawn.

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