Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Post-FIT Hangover

I think FIT must stand for Frickin' Insane Training. The woman who teaches Monday nights is a nut.  She just keeps going like it's nothing (seriously I'm not sure she even sweats!) while the rest of us are flopped on the ground convulsing from jumprope allergies. And I'm supposed to be training to teaching this class.  Oy.  All I can think right now is that I want to get on a bike and spin this yuck out before class tonight.  Not sure if I'll do spin or strength (*whimper*) tonight, but pilates is definitely on the menu.

Because FIT was so nasty last night, I never did my max out tests for squats.  I have no real excuse for not doing the dips or situps tests though. Guess I'll be doing those tonight so I can start training for those tomorrow.

Also, I'm going to put this out there now...I'm not working out on Saturday. I'm not wimping out, I just want to make sure I survive Tough Mudder, and I'll need time to get my outfit ready anyway. Mom, don't worry...you'll be able to see me in the pictures.  :-D

So the plan for tonight (I like clean summaries, and I'm a little blurry today, so this is more for me than for you):

Spin or Strength, depending on how early I can get there
Max out test for dips, squats, situps.

Rose over at Eat, Drink and Be Meiri said she'd join in on the challenge yesterday, and Heather over at View From the Shoe said she'd join today, so we're practically a mob here.

How about you? Are you in? 

Bonus points if you send pics!

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