Monday, May 9, 2011

Tough Mudder Recap

The stats:

Total miles: 10
Total obstacles: 28
Time to complete: ~4 hours
Total feet of elevation change:13,747. Almost 7,000 ft of climbing. Mount Washington is 6,288 ft, for reference.
Number of q-tips before my ears were tolerably clean: 11
Number of tissues before the snot to mud ratio was in favor of snot: 6 (2 blows per tissue)
Feeling of accomplishment for jumping of a 15 foot ledge into 35 degree water? Priceless.

I will absolutely be running this again. And every possible mud run ever. Because nothing will ever be as hard as this run was.

I know I know, get to the pictures already.  :-) Here ya go:

 Before the race, so clean!
 Like the skirt? Ah maided it mai self!
 My number.
 Julie and I, ready to rock!

Video of the start of the race.

First hill back up

First time we saw Nick! I didn't fall, I was getting mud on my hands to give him a smooch!

I'd just like to point out how often we were running in this.  Realistically, we ran well over half the course, since we ran all the downhills and a substantial amount of the uphills too.
Note that while others were walking, we were still jogging.  Booyah.

The pipes of death! I thought these would be more mentally challenging than they were.

Coming out the other side. Pwnd!

 At first we thought the shiny things were a joke and we wouldn't need them.  We were so very very wrong. Taking quick dips in 35 degree water several times really kills your core temp quick.
 The glacier.

 Blood bath.
It was green water and they kept shoveling ice cubes into it, to make sure it stayed just above freezing. I've never gotten a brain freeze from something outside my head before. *shudder*
 Green blood bath.
 These things killed my shins something fierce.

 I am superwoman!
 Turd's nest or something like that.  Not hard, so they put it at the end, where we'd be most exhausted.
 Hi mom!
 This thing was not as fun as it looked...super fast and bumpy and hard, hurts the bum something fierce.
 This chick busted her ankle, so we helped her to the finish.
 Or at least to the shocker. She went through that on her own.
 Do I have something on my face?
Best. Run. Ever.

Maybe later I'll put some more thought into a careful introspection of this run. However, right now...I am le tired and I need to work. seriously, I have actual work to do.  Have you gotten your secret office workout in today? Rose and I are coming up with some stuff for this...keep an eye out. Toilet pLunges anyone?  :-D  And to those of you who have asked if you can join, of course you can!!  If you have pics to prove you worked out, even better...send them along and one of us (or both of us) will post them.  If you don't have pics, s'ok too...just tell us what you're doing!


  1. This is a good reminder to get my Secret Office Workout on.

    The tough mudder looks so rad. I'm still scared of it, but now I'm scared AND jealous.

  2. This is so awesome! I really want to try a mud-run, they look insane!!

  3. Am I sad that first thing I thought was "I'd so get the chair lift back up" !!!!! What an awesome race :-)