Thursday, May 5, 2011

Multitasking Pics

So these are all pretty much terrible, but hey...considering the obstacles of self-photography, I'd say they're acceptable  Any blurriness is due to my hyperspeed workout moves. I'm just that fast.

The first time I tried to get pics of this, my shirt was halfway up my stomach. Oops.
The ficus is proof that it's an office. Everywhere is a gym if you want it to be. (Friendly reminder: I was both waiting for stuff to download and on my lunch break, so this doesn't count as slacking, thankyouverymuch.)
As I mentioned, legs on couch is way harder than it sounds. That table was not a fan of me by the end of this.
Also, dips make my butt look HUGE. Or maybe it's the camera angle (ha, almost wrote "camera angel").  Who knows. Definitely not my butt's fault though. For more awesome "workout at work" pics, go check out my partner in crime on the opposite coast, Rose. Or, even better, upload your own pics!
In other news, I'm now a Star Level 2 Spin Instructor! Go me!

Today's workout is going to be simple.  No strength stuff today...I want to be functional by Sunday. Spin tonight with the hubs, then maybe a slow run if I'm feeling like it. We'll see.

Oh! Speaking of Sunday! I nearly forgot! Tough Mudder posted preview pics of the course! Here are a few gems to give you an idea of what's headed for us:

Oh look...there's still snow on the ground. Gulp.

Just looking at these gave me bruised shins. Yikes.

So when I was young and impressionable, I caught the scary part of some variant of "The Blob", where two hot young things were asleep on a platform not unlike this one, and The Blob managed to ooze its way up the arm of the sleeping beauty and then suffocate her. Then the manbeauty jumped into the water and tried to outswim it. And then it cut to commercials and my mom came home and I don't know if he made it. Bottom line is, I don't like dark water. This seemingly innocent obstacle literally makes me nauseous to look at. Horrifying. And cold.

Also when I was younger, a British friend told me that she'd once seen a man do a belly flop off a high dive into a pool, and his stomach had split open. In retrospect, she might have been making that up. But I've still never been off a high dive. Bungee jumping, yes. High dive, no. Another fear to conquer with cold, dark water. At least with a few dozen other people in the water, I'm not likely to be the only one to die on impact.

I'm not sure what obstacle this is, but by the time I run Sunday it'll be cold, muddy, and fun as hell to slide down. Let's hope we're not supposed to run *up* it.

This may be where we're washing off after the race, I don't know. Looks cold.

And of course, "IT".  This innocent little thing is going to be
This. Live wires dangling, waiting for you to come all soaking wet so they can zap you with 10,000 volts of fun.
All that said, every time I look at this picture I'm humbled and realize that I'm lucky to be physically capable of even considering entering an event like this.

I still don't like dark water though.


  1. You are a badass! High five for office fitness! And those are some pretty rad dips.

    I'm going to be totally honest: I am too much of a wuss to do the Tough Mudder (there's one out here, too, and it also involves snow). It's the water. The cold water. My body does a giant EFF NO to that.

    Maybe next year. Maybe.

  2. LOVE the office fitness! I'd love to get involved too! Any room for another secret office workout buddy!