Monday, May 2, 2011

Well that was fast

So a few different blogs I follow (of course I can only find one right now...) have decided to do the hundred pushup challenge. One girl (whose post I can't find for the life of me) posted pics of her newly-chiseled arms, and I decided that was enough to convince me to join in on the game.

Turns out, the guy also developed training directions for doing 200 squats, 150 dips, and 200 situps. So, naturally, I'm adding those to the list as well. Monday, Wednesday, Friday are now going to be my strength training mornings, since I'm not quite convinced I'll be able to get up early enough to motivate myself to run.

Last night I did the initial test and managed to eek out 13 pushups (which in retrospect may have been with crap form). This morning, Nick and I did Day 1, and he did MUCH better than I did...but he's also a boy, so I'm not too warped about it.  :-P  My sets:

Set 1: 12
Set 2: 7 (supposed to be 10, couldn't do it)
Set 3: 7
Set 4: 7
Max Set: 11

The last 3 sets were knee pushups.  I may have to repeat this week, I dunno. We'll see how Wednesday goes.

Tonight (or sometime today) I'll do the initial tests for other stuff and report back.

In other news, this is the preliminary workout schedule.  I know what you're thinking, there aren't any rest days built in...but the fact is, I don't take consistent rest days...I take them, but not on the same day each week.  Usually I take 2 or 3 actually, throughout the week.  So I'm going to have a plan for every day of the week, so I have some idea for what to do if I switch around my rest days. The unmovable (read: days I'm usually good about working out) days are M, T, W. The other 4 tend to depend a lot more on my mood and whether I'm teaching or not. Also this is my "shoot for the moon and you'll land among the stars" plan...I've never run a full hour and a half in my life, and probably won't start today. But if I aim for that, maybe I'll run 45 minutes, you know?

As many of you know, I'm a Biggest Loser junkie.  I know I know, there are infinite contraindications on there, and a billion moves made for TV that shouldn't actually ever be done...but what can I say? It's inspiring and motivating.  To that end, I'm also tacking on the Biggest Loser 11 Finale Challenge, to add to the number of successes (or failures, who knows) for this month. Here's hoping I look half as good as the contestants, come finale night!


  1. Sounds tough. I only do girly pushups. Does that count?

  2. You'll have to remind me to do push ups tomorrow.

    And we need some pictures of you doing covert office workouts!

  3. Hey! Glad I've inspired you (and a couple others!) Good luck! It's tough, but man you do see results pretty fast.