Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Multitasking Pro

In order to test some stuff I'm working on at work, I needed to download a whole mess of files...of course, that takes more than an hour to do, so in the meantime I'm multitasking!

Pushups (done this morning with the hubs):
Set 1 6
Set 2 8
Set 3 6
Set 4 6
Set le max 9

For the pushups, I reverted to column 2 for now. I'd rather be doing fewer real pushups than more girly pushups. Gotta man up sometime.

Set 1 15
Set 2 18
Set 3 10
Set 4 10
Set le max 20

I could probably do more, but a) I'm still a little wobbly from yesterday and b) I'm so used to doing just crunches that I forget to come all the way up half the time and wind up wasting energy on crap situps. Argh.

Set 1 15 (2 too many oops)
Set 2 15
Set 3 9
Set 4 9
Set le max 15 (I stopped because I was starting to sweat, which is suspicious in a meat locker office.)

The last 4 sets were actually with my feet up on the couch (not as lazy as it sounds), so they were even harder. Dips are the devil, but man I can feel them working stuff.

I have pictures of this as well, but I left them on my work laptop so I'll have to post them tomorrow.  They need some post-processing (mostly commentary on form and how ham-hock-esque my tush looks while doing dips. yikes.)

However, because no post is complete without something incriminating personal and pictorial, I give you my recent obsession:

Bath and Body Works scents. Ah. Mai. Gawd. Each one of those shower gels (the two on the right are new as of tonight) has a corresponding bottle of body spray and lotion in my room. 3 of them also have mini bottles of body spray and lotion for my gym bag. One even has a mini bottle of soap. It's sick, I know, but at least I smell good. Inconsistent, maybe, but good. I got them because:
Carried Away smells like cotton candy and makes me think of fairs and summer dresses.
Dark Kiss is sultry and makes me think of long black dresses.
Dancing Waters smells clean and refreshing and makes me think of jumping into a cool river on a hot summer day.
Secret Wonderland makes me think of a forest made of candy. But not in a creepy way, more like in a high-fashion way. It's sweet, but also kind of sultry.
Country Chic makes me think of gingham and fields of flowers. Maybe that's just the label. I know I love that one though.

I also got a small bottle of Citrus something or other body spray tonight too. It smelled better than my gym socks, so it was worth $3. Don't judge. Used to be I had this many different bottles of shampoo in my shower at once too...then I got married and that was just silly found the shampoo that worked best for me and stuck with it, more or less. Maybe that's what's happening here...I'm just trying to find my smell.

How about you? What's your semi-embarrassing obsession? 

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