Monday, May 16, 2011

Profile: Power Hills, the 60 minute edition

I finally got to teach again on Sunday, hooray!  Now the next time I'm scheduled to teach is...July.  Sigh. I'm hoping folks will start needing/wanting subs soon, since school's about to be out. We'll see.

In any case, I used a tried and true favorite profile with a new playlist (which I whipped up at 6:30 AM Sunday...class was at 8:30).  It got rave reviews, in spite of Judas being on there...I was a little nervous about playing that one, even though it's in the top 40, because it could be controversial.  But then I figured's 8:30 AM on a Sunday. If folks are here, they're not at church, so it probably won't matter. I got half a dozen people coming up to me afterward, beaming that they LOVED the class.  Folks, I can't tell you how much this means.  If you like a class, tell the instructor.  At the very least, it'll help you get more of what you like.  For me, it's like the universe knows when I'm feeling iffy about a class, and that's when the most people come up and compliment it.  Go figure.

In any case, here's the profile, with playlist:

The first song is from the ending credits of Thor.  It's a pretty sweet song...quiet at first, then it builds. It would be a good song for a "redemption" themed ride, I think.

Danza Kuduro was from the Fast Five soundtrack. Horrible horrible movie, but it was in Rio, so the soundtrack was fun.

I'm still embarrassingly hooked on Ke$ha (which I ALWAYS type "Ke$sha" first and read as "Ke dollar sign ha" courtesy of Glee) and Hey Baby, so those showed up as well.

The great part of teaching Sundays is that, since I've never actually been to the class before, I'd never seen anyone in there (except the friend who came just because I was teaching...thanks Liz! :-D).

In any case, it was a good ride. Everyone worked hard but was still smiling at the end.  Success.

I did my pushups this morning.  I'm repeating week 2 because last week I couldn't do normal pushups...I'd done them all girly style, so this week I'm doing them like a man.  Or something like that.

Set 19
Set 2 11
Set 3 8
Set 4 8
Set le max 11

I'm also restarting the dips and situps challenge, since last week was kind of a waste for both. I think I'll add the squats challenge in as well, so look for pictures later today.

Also, there will be pictures of office workouts that YOU can do, no matter what kind of privacy concerns your office presents, coming soon. Promise.  :-D

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