Friday, May 6, 2011

"Rest" Days

After an inadvertent Race Day ride last night (oops) and a quick mile run, today has been declared a "rest" day. Tomorrow too, since Sunday is Tough Mudder. I say "rest" because it is still pushups day. And dips and situps. But I haven't done the latter two yet.

I did, however, finish making my shirt for TM.

 Front ^ Back v
Get it? Because the race is on Sunday, which is Mother's Day, and the race is the Tough Mudder and...and...c'mon, it's funny! And I used my best cursive with a Sharpie on a techwick shirt, which is NOT easy! Anyway, it's hot pink so I'll be easy to spot in the pictures.


  1. This is perfect for a Mother's Day race, love it!!

  2. Just started following you, hope you don't mind - Rose said I should ;-)

    Love the T, its great.