Friday, May 27, 2011

Spin Therapy (Caution: Gets Deep)

I've been 'sick' (read: unable to breathe through my nose) all week (read: since the sun came out), which has made me a bit foggy at work. Which makes me defensive when I screw up (and I do) at work. Which leads to bad things when dealing with coworkers.

Summary: yesterday was a pretty crap day at work.

Around 3:30 I got a call asking if I could sub for spin and I (still in the throes of cutting onions) said yes absolutely. I'd planned on an outside ride, but spin is just...cathartic for me. I was afraid I'd get up in front of the class and just whine about my day, but something about stepping into that room and taking a deep breath of hot, humid air (the 'room' is a mezzanine above the cardio area...HOT)'s just healing. Thursday nights are great, because I know everyone there. It's a good, established group, and everyone has fun and is there to work. I used the Sawtooth profile, but made it a strength ride, and a playlist I've already forgotten.

After that I promptly went home and threw a temper tantrum for anyone who'd listen (read: my ever-patient husband) and had a couple beers. By beer 1.5, I decided to man up and take the high road...this particular coworker and I may never see eye to eye, but guess what? That's life. All I can do about it is upgrade my reaction and move on.

How about you?  
How do you get (emotionally) when you're sick at work? 
What do you do when you know you're wrong (but the other person is too)? 
How much self-doubt is too much self-doubt? (And, honestly, how much do you have?) 



    ... That about sums it up for me.

  2. "All I can do about it is upgrade my reaction and move on." Best line ever :-)
    I'm pathetic when I get sick.
    I'm never wrong ;-)
    I doubt to much, physically on how I look to my abilities as a mother. I try get over it though because constant doubt is no good.