Friday, May 20, 2011

Puppy 5k

Ok, so according to mapmyrun, it was more like...1.7 miles.  But it felt like 3.1 to me.  And to Kini, I'm sure.

But that's not important.

What's important is, WE RAN!!!  I have a confession...I haven't been on a trail run in probably years. It may be that college was the last time I went on one, and that was probably a pretty sad one even then.  Not that this one was anything grand, but  I have been missing out.

Before the run, all happy and uninterested, respectively.
This trail is a couple miles away from our house, but it's a fantastic network of trails...everything from pretty much paved, wide roads to a genuine trail that's wide enough for one...and I don't mean one plus a dog. I mean one.
No seriously, when are we going and why the heck  are you taking pictures of this??
We just did a short loop around the lake, with the way out being on the nice wide paved trail and the way back being on the narrow, bumpy trail. Kini was unimpressed on the way out (she also had to pee and poop...a lot of running blogs talk about mid-run bowel movements, so guess who has two thumbs and jumped on the running BM bandwagon!)  She was slow (which is my excuse for being slow...that's my story and I'm sticking to it!) and pully.  However, once we got on the bumpy trail, she lit up and ran right next to me, or even in front of me!  I think that might have been a trick though, in retrospect...she might have been trying to trip me into the water, I'm not sure.  Wouldn't surprise me in the least. Regardless, she ran the whole way back, which was about twice as long as the way out.
Trying for the jump shot.
When we got back, I took a few more pictures, trying to get in a sweet jump shot.  How is it that all you running bloggers out there can look so cool in your jump shots?? I just look like an overexposed nut job. Oh, as soon as I typed that I went and edited all the pics so I didn't look so pasty.  Before, my legs literally blended into my shoes. Horrifying.

Speaking of my shoes, you may notice that they are not on my feet after the run. That's because I let Little Girl (as hubs calls her) go into the lake.  She doesn't swim, but she'll drink her way in up to about chest deep...just far enough for me to not want to get my flashy new Adidases all wet, so off they came.

Post-workout pup.  Looks about the same as pre-workout pup, except happier.  Seriously, that's her happy face.

I'm super pumped about this new pastime. The leash worked well (though I will say...a full stomach of pasta + running + a pully dog on a leash belted around my waist was nearly a disastrous combination) and the only thing I wish I'd brought was her backpack...because I REALLY hate carrying her poop.  REALLY.


  1. Aaaah she's adorable :-) I couldn't run out with either of mine, they'd pull me off my feet!!!

  2. For every jumping shot I take, there are like 20 that are failures. hahahha.

    And oh crap, you really went for a run. Now I really have to take a spin class.